A little bit about us, huh? Well, my wife (Heather) and I (J) shoot photos together as a team in the Longview, Texas area. I think our different styles and outlook complement each other. I typically let her handle "crowd control" and the more "formal" portraits, while I do more candids, non-typical portraits, and almost all the editing/finishing work. My background is in computer science and fine arts.

In the arts, I studied drawing, painting, sculpting, design, and history. I was the typical fine arts snob, looking down my brush at photographers that let the camera do all their work for them. My father-in-law has worked in the photo industry his whole life both in news and university levels. My wife grew up with a camera in her hands, always trailing her daddy. Both of them (and my art teacher as well) were pushing me to take intro to photography. I finally caved and immediately fell in love. I instantly found more enjoyment out of this media than I did the others. I was hooked. I would spend hours in the dark rooms (both safety lit b&w as well as the totally pitch black color), even missing meals without realizing it. I began incorporating what I had learned about composition, color, and style in my fine arts studies into my photo editing process.

That was 15 years ago. Now, as the years have gone by and I started playing with digital editing, I have been encouraged to take things more seriously. This site is a means to show off and sell our work and hopefully gain new customers. We specialize in Portraits and Weddings, but we also have a nice collection of artwork to sell and offer services to edit photos of your own you would like to see finished or stylized. We now have three children and we have found this can be a nice way to supplement my income (IT tech by day...) and be home with my family, as well as work in a field we both love. Who knows what the future holds? One day I might be IT by night.....
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